YYYYMMDD-HHMMSSTime of receipt
SATNAME Name of satellite.
Currently NOAA15, NOAA18 and NOAA19 are active
TYPE MSA-PRECIP - Multispectral analysis with precipitation.
Uses a NOAA channel 2-4 image and determines which regions are most likely to be cloud, land, or sea based on an analysis of the two images. Produces a vivid false-coloured image as a result. High cold cloud tops are coloured to give an approximate indication of the probability and intensity of precipitation.
Colours the NOAA sensor 4 IR image using a map to colour the sea blue and land green. High clouds appear white, lower clouds gray or land/sea coloured, clouds generally appear lighter, but distinguishing between land/sea and low cloud may be difficult. Darker colours indicate warmer regions

The yellow dots are major cities. The larger, the more people live there.
The yellow cross is the location of the receiving station.